Rmeguy and the Flyingangels

Rmeguy and the Flyingangels

By Little Kitten

We were just sitting around being board and we decided to start a rock band. It started out with just us four girls. {from left to right: Rayshay, Little Kitten, Kueen Kitty Kat, and Lizzzzz} We were having a good time, but our music did not sound right.

Rmeguy 7 of the cat clan offered to joined in and then we had a real great sound going.

{from left to right: Rayshay, Kueen Kitty Kat, Rmeguy 7 of the cat clan, Lizzzzz and Little Kitten.} We played and sang and everyone had a great time. The name of our band was Rmeguy and the Flyingangels. Now thats how you get rid of the ho hum blues..lol

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