New Vendo Items in Phoenix

New Vendo Items In Phoenix!

Here are some great new additions to the Phoenix vendos.

Phoenix KK Vendo
Legacy Sack (PHX) 125T Replaced the Plum Glossy Sack
Detroit Accessories
Fashionable Byron (PHX) 390T Replaced Fashionable George
Purple Glossy Bear (PHX) 400T Replaced the Legacy Bear
Desert Blooms
Mahogany Stool 250T Replaced the Southwest Stool
(Furniture Vendo)
Forest Armchair 200T Replaced the Southwest Armchair
Forest Broadloom 350T Replaced the Southwest Broadloom
Southwest Love Seat 300T New Item
Mahogany End Table 100T New Item
Mahogany Table 150T New Item

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