May Day Is Lei Day

May Day Is Lei Day

By Cire808 and AnnaCynthia

May 1st brought Magic Day to the people of Club Connect. But to 150 lucky NRW women, they’ve been blessed with the spirit of the Hawaiian Islands! For in Hawaii, May Day is Lei Day. So the question is…Did you get Lei’d? Cire808 started early in the day, lei-ing just the women, but when he ran into AnnaCynthia, she had to get in on the action. Anna thought it wasn’t fair that just the women get lei’d, she wanted to have some fun with the guys!! So, with some begging and pleading on her part, she joined the action with Cire808. These two (down in front in the top picture, facing each other) spread the Aloha for most of the day, lei-ing everyone they came across. They just HAD to take a pic for the paper!! It made for quite an interesting day. Did you get lei’d??

On another note, Caretaker Robert recolored the accessories found in Honolulu. Check out the newly refurbished items.

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