London to Open

London to Open Saturday

Gather up your friends and get ready for a very exciting and fun filled weekend. Starting things off will be the grand opening of our newest city, LONDON!

We have a great new radio station shouting our praises tot he rooftops and hopefully we will see a large upswing in membership. Here is the information on our newest Radio Station Partner: Capital FM

Capital Radio FM
Capital Radio Interactive
Capital Radio – New Radio World

(Archivist’s Note: The Capital FM NRW links no longer exist.)

The first flight to London is set for 2 am WAT and locales in London will open gradually throughout the early WAT morning with an official opening ceremony scheduled for 6 am WAT.

After that opening ceremony the London GO events jump into full swing at 7 am WAT. A schedule of the GO Events can be found here:

London GO Events Schedule

(Archivists Note: The event schedule no longer exists.)

We hope you all enjoy the new city and all the weekend’s events to the fullest.

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