London GO!


The doors to London opened tonight! Many people in the Americas stayed up late or got out of bed very early to enjoy the opening and to meet the new European members coming in from Capital FM.

Many excellent new locales can be found in London. One of the neat features, as seen above, is the London Phone Booth. You enter and exit London through the phone booth. Another new cast member who is fun to observe, is the disc jockey. He’s in his booth jammin away! You can almost catch the beat just from watching him bop around at his board.

As you can see here, the Capital FM drawings are very popular. Buttons, Goody Bags, Champagne and Station Hats are being given away. As a special bonus, if you win one in London/NRW, one will also be sent to you in the real world. Be sure to hang out in London for your chance to win something special over the next few days. The Capital FM representatives also tell us that they are demonstrating our world live to over 70,000 people. So be sure to put on your best smile and give London a big wave and hello!

And of course, new vendo items for the shoppaholics. The London vendo can be found in the radio station reception locale.

Bowler Hat (LDN) 210T
Mohawk Wig (LDN) 200T
Hawkie* 250T
Raven* 290T
Paris* 290T
Yellow Umbrella 175T
Teapot 40T
Teacup & Saucer 20T
Creamy Cappuccino 5T
Capital FM Soda 10T

Here are some more candid shots of people enjoying London.

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