Are you a Psychic?

How to Know if YOU are a Psychic?!

What is a REAL Psychic?

~A Lecture With Dayle Schear~

How can you tell if you’re a psychic? What is a real psychic? What is the difference between Psychics on the 900 lines versus “real” psychics? These are just a few questions World Renown Psychic Dayle Schear will answer in her next lecture! She will share with you some guidelines to being psychic as well as listing some warnings against those who “claim” to be psychic. Of course, you will be eligible to get a free reading and you will have a chance to win one of Dayle’s book!

Dayle Schear is a World Renowned Psychic and worked closely with Psychic Peter Hurkos for 6 years. She has hosted her own TV show, ESP & YOU, for 14 years which aired on CBS in Hawaii and has now been switched to ABC. Dayle works with Police Depts, the FBI and other government agencies in many cities to help solve cases and has a track record of accuracy. Dayle specializes in Psychometry – the art of holding or touching objects to see the past, present and future and with this gift, she’s been able to solve numerous mystery cases, find missing people, and make predictions. She’s appeared on National Television and Radio Talk Shows and has been seen many times on “HARD COPY” as the OJ Trial Psychic.

Location: Honolulu Auditorium

Date: May 19, Wednesday

Time: 6pm PST

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Psychic Event Web Page

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