Rainy Day Fantasy Winners

Rainy Day Fantasy Winners

by Cerridwen


Most Romantic

LindyLou – 1st place – entry not available

MsTiger – 2nd place
I would like on my rainy days to line my bathtub with candles & then fill it with nice bubbly hot water. After soaking for about 30 min. then would like Hubby to come in & rub me down with my mud bath and after he got done I would like to go snuggle down in my deep comforter in my bed for a long, long nap!

BABE – 3rd place
Ever since I was a little child I’ve always wanted to just run out into the rain And just feel the rain drops fall on my body. But No .. My Mommy never let me .. Just in case I catch a Cold .. lol So my fantasy is to play in the rain and just feel The rain drops from Heaven above fall on my body and Dance and Sing in the rain just like the song goes …

” I’m singing in the rain
” I’m singing in the rain
” What a beautiful feeling
” I’m Hap Hap Hap Happy to say´

Most Humorous

WHAT – 1st Place
On my average fantasy rainy days, I call up all my fabulously famous friends (ie. Brad Pitt, Ronald McDonald, Dorothy from the Golden Girls…etc) and we sit in front of the television stuffing our faces with McDonalds… courtesy of Ronald of course. We would then proceed to my velour dining room set, where we start a nice game of strip poker… (Brad hoping I win, me hoping he wins…all of us praying Dorothy doesn’t win)…My gloriously rich friends then leave to allow me to soak in my diamond studded hot tub watching Xena Warrior Princess. I usually come to the safe conclusion at the end of it all that Archie would choose me over Betty or Veronica any day.

Ska-Bam – 2nd Place – Entry not available

Frenzy – 3rd Place
My fantasy for a rainy day is to dance in the warm rain with my lover. Embarassing each other as the soft gentle rain falls upon our bodies. As the ground becomes wet under our feet, we slide to the ground, holding each other as we do…..our eyes locked in a passionate gaze…our hearts beating together…And then we mud wrestle until we look like pigs in a pen!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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