Poetry Winners Week of the 24th

NRW Poet’s Society

Winners for the Week of 3/24/99

By Lady Feanor


The Wednesday night meeting of the NRW Poet’s Society yieldedw onderful poetic works by our members. Winners for this week were Caitlin, Spiritwolf and ESCAPE. Congratulations to all participates!! Keep up the fantastic writing.

Caitlin’s Winning Poem:


All I see when I look in your eyes
Is the shadow of my needs and desires
Only emptiness now
Burned out fires.
There once was a love
As true as any could be
But it has passed
Now you don’t need me.
Such a shame and a waste
So many years
We shared it all
All our dreams and fears.
Life destroyed us
Of that I have no doubt
Boredom settled in
And now you want out.
So where do we go from here
And what do we do
How to end this?
I still love you.

Spiritwolf’s Poem:


I can not sleep most nights
so I watch your figure
bathed in shimmering moonlight
your hair seems to glow
Soft shadows cast themselves about your face
This night you are dreaming again
I trace the line of your jaw
with a gentle touch
as not to wake you,
but to make sure you are real
to become certain that I am not dreaming
you sleeping by my side
Your dream seems to have ended;
your breathing has returned to normal
and so I close my eyes to sleep.

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