by Guide SnowKatze

NRW Poet’s Society Winners
for the week of March 3, 1999

This week Poet’s Society had a tie for first place between What and Lady Fëanor, in 2nd was *Bro* and in 3rd was Cath.

Well done all participants!

What’s winning poem:

She is Gone

She was floating on her back
there in the water so gently
She looked so peaceful, so calm.
Her eyes glistening ornamentally
I could have–
I would have–
If only I had taken better care of her.
May be then she would not have gone
away to that place I cannot go.
The cycle seems to go on and on.
I get him, I love him, I give him a name,
but she leaves me alone just the same
I never pout, I never cry.
FLUSH! I hate when goldfish die.

Lady Fëanor’s winning poem:

Experience of Death

Nothing is known to us about this passing;
it does not share with us. We have no cause
for showing admiration, love, or hate
to Death disfigured strangely by a tragic
mask’s lamenting mouth. As yet,
the world is full of parts for us to act.
As long as we concern ourselves with pleasing,
Death also acts although he does not please
But, as you went, a segment of reality
flashed upon our stage by that same crevice
through which you passed: the green of real verdure,
the real sunshine, and the real wood.
We go on acting, and reciting lines
learnt with anxiety and painful effort,
and now and then we raise our hands in gesture;
but your existence, far from us, removed
out of our play, can sometimes come upon us,
descending like experience of reality,
and for a brief while we act life itself,
carried away, not thinking of applause.

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