Dress Designs in NRW

Dresses Of NRW

by ButterBabe

These Dresses were designed by Silicon_sneaky they are absolutely beautiful!! There is only ONE thing missing …… a Husband!! We modeled them for you and she would LOVE to design one just for your wedding 🙂 She is very Talented! I know who will make my dress if I ever have the need for one <eg>

Here are a couple of dresses by Guide Cuz

Kippie Sue made these marvelous off the shoulder creations

And finally, here are some stunning creations by Olivia & Zoya

If any of you have been inspired enough to create some new garments for yourselves and wish to show them off, the newspaper would be glad to run a second article. Just forward the designers name and a pic to the News Desk.

(Archivist’s Note: The link to the News Desk’s email address has been removed.)

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