Delphi and Commerce City Changes

Delphi and Commerce City


Today saw some large changes to the economic workings in our free trial areas, Delphi Forums and Commerce City. The ATMs and pawn machines have been removed and new trial members will now come inworld with only 25T in their hand.

The NRW News went looking for an explanation and this is what we were told.

Hundreds of free accounts were being created every night in Delphi and Commerce City for the purpose of token harvesting. As many as 250 from the same rolling email address. For example: bob2 etc.The economy could not tolerate this and the tech time to eliminate the abusers (and their tokens) had gotten out of hand. So now free areas will have limited Ts. All newbies will have 25Ts in hand and 1,000Ts in the ATM but all ATMs (and pawn machines too) will be in paid areas.

We were also told that the vendo items in the free areas will have the prices reduced to 1-5T each item so new trial members will still have enough to buy things and test out how things work in WA.

It is a sad thing that “cheaters” have made this come to pass. As in the real world, people who try to cheat the system usually end up hurting everyone else through events such as this or through higher prices for the rest of us.

This may come to be a good thing for NRW. Hopefully this will stop those who choose to cheat and will by default give us regular members a source for a few cheap decorating items. For Delphi members, they will be less prone to scam artists who prey on newbies. Hopefully, having only 25T will make them a less desirable target. Many good and generous members have toted paint, heads and fun items into Delphi for the Delphi members free of charge. I can’t imagine that would stop. Perhaps this will inspire even greater charity.

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