The 1st "Bigger Bust" Protest ’99



by Raven’s Claw

The early morning of March 6th marks a historic event in WorldsAway… The First “Bigger Bust” Protest was staged in the Club Connect Courtyard by the Train Station Entrance. Many avatars are unhappy that the bodies of the “athletic female” are SO flat-chested, so a group of them banded together to complain about this issue. The protest was organized by Jill, Raven’s Claw and Midnight Madness (PHP) with the assistance of many loyal followers such as WHAT, IsleSweety, Shadez, Re§tle§§ and others. Ziggy paid a special contribution to the cause by changing Heads on a regular basis and hiding in the foliage (can you spot him?). Moral support was provided by wsBEG.

No one was hurt during the protest, but traffic in and out of the CC Train Station was slowed by the many on lookers.

Here are a number of pictures of the event. (theyare not necessarily in order, but I tried!)

Raven’s Claw was in charge of the initial “decorating”..Jill and Midnight arrived later…

Jill and others arrive!

Can you spot Ziggy?

Midnight Madness shows up! The protest begins

Then… things got a little out of hand… IsleSweety threatened to burn the whole Park down and Shadez was getting dangerous flashbacks…

As the chubbiest one of the group, Raven’s Claw got a little nervous when the group stared at him with blood lust in their eyes…

Lucky for him he was able to keep the crowd from putting his head on a stake!

At last… the protesters disbanded and they floated away!

As punishment… one of the WA programmers decided to make the protest organizers pay…
“You want to be “bigger?” he asked, and then mutated us into giant blue globs…

Oh, the Horror!…

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