New Locales and Partner in SV

New Area and Partner in
Silicon Valley

A new set of locales opened today in Silicon Valley. They start with the new news stand outside of the Silicon Valley Hotel and extend to the left of that locale. Left of the news stand is the computer corridor. Computer Currents locales can be reached from this locale by going up. They are our newest partner! Check them out, it is like wandering through computers innards. A small opening event will take place on Thursday.

(Archivist’s Note: The Computer Currents website no loner exists. Here is an index to what has been captured at the WayBack Machine.

Come to the grand opening event of
Computer Currents and chat with writer Bob Weibel!

Date: June 3, Thurday
Time: 6:30 pm WAT
Location: Computer Currents (SV)

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