New Knick Knacks

New Items in Detroit
and Silicon Valley

New items in two cities. Silicon Valley items are in the knick knack vendo. The Detroit items are vendos unto themselves. The root beer float is on a shelf in the bar. The ice cream is almost a hidden vendo. To find it, find the symbol I used to make the background of this page. It is at the top left of the door into the WRIF radio station. Good luck.


SV KK Vendo
Silly Bear – White/Grey 400T Replaces the Midnight Bear
Silicon Sack – Dark Grey 125T Replaces the Valley Sack
Secretive Sally 325T Replaces Sneaky Sally
Det. Under Bar
Root Beer Float ’99 40T New Vendo
Det. WRIF Locale
Black Cherry Frozen Yogurt ’99 65T New Vendo

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