New In-World

New Items

New furniture for the avid decorators, a new head for the animal lovers and some great new accessories to wear around town.

SV Furniture Vendo
Cow Chair – Blue 275T Replaced the Cow Chair – Green
Cow Sofa Left – Blue 300T Replaced the Cow Sofa Left – Green
Cow Sofa Right – Blue 300T Replaced the Cow Sofa Right – Green
End Table – Blue 210T Replaced the End Table – Green
SV Accessory Vendo
Beret – Pink 150T Replaced the Aqua Beret
Tie – Purple 150T Replaced the Blue Tie
Hotel Slim Cigar – White 350T Replaced the Brown Hotel Slim Cigar
Bow – Green 100T Replaced the Purple Bow
Cozy Cap – Pink 200T Replaced the Grey Cozy Cap
Cat Ears – Blue 200T Replaced the Purple Cat Ears
Variations Animal Heads
Akita* 300T Replaced the Monkey*

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