New Color KKs in Honolulu

New Knick Knacks In Honolulu Vendo

CT Fantasia has placed some new colors into the Honolulu knick knack vendo for our shopping pleasure. Everything has been recolored except the fuzzie.


Knick Knack Vendo
Maui Rainbow Bear 400T Replaced the Maui Bear – Red/Green/Orange
Maui Coral Sack – Pink 125T Replaced the Maui Rainbow Sack
Alaloa Molly Doll – Gold/Black 325T Replaced the Alaloa Poni Doll
Floral Chair – Pink/Purple 365T Replaced the Floral Chair – Orange
Cane Chair – Palevioletred 375T Replaced the Cane Chair – Blue
Cane Chair – Teal/White 375T Replaced the Cane Chair – Orange

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