Get Published @ Frontiers

Get Published @ Frontiers

By Sue Braiden

It’s your dime … Parry Aftab, Esq., and executive director of CyberAngels, is publishing a new book this fall, and she’s giving you a chance to help shape it. Author of “A Parent’s Guide to the Internet”, Parry is now working with the team at Frontiers on a new project using the WorldsAway to reach out to youth at risk, and we need your help. We’re looking for people who are willing to share hints, tips and stories about the unique challenges that exist in avatar-based communities when it comes to “staying safe”. Have something to say? Tell us about it here:

Stay Safe – A Frontiers Forum

(Archivist’s Note: The link goes to the page on the WayBack Machine.)

The consideration deadline for inclusion in the book has been extended to Saturday, June 19, 1999 . This forum will remain open indefinitely in order to continue shaping a number of other knowledge products. We look forward to your input on this topic.

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