CC Anniversary Items

First CC Anniversary Items Make Appearance

New items have been placed into the Variations knick knack vendo. They are in honor of the one year anniversary of Club connect. This great milestone will be celebrated June 18th-20th, 1999. More information about the scheduled celebration events can be found here:

Club Connect Anniversary Event

(Archivist”s Note: The Anniversary Event page no longer exists.)

Knick Knack Vendo

Anniversary Balloon ’99 – Gold 25T Replaced the Heart Balloon – Red
Anniversary Bottle ’99 45T Replaced the Champagne Bottle
Anniversary Champagne ’99 35T Replaced the Champagne
Anniversary Gift Box ’99 – Purple/Gold (holds 4) 40T Replaced the Gift Box – Pink/Red
Anniversary Box ’99 – Gold (holds 10) 125T Replaced the Carrying Box – White
Purple Passion Chest (holds 10) 125T Replaced the Midnight Treasure Chest
Fresh Cut Flowers – w/Silver Vase 75T Replaced the Flowers

These anniversary items will remain in the vendo past the anniversary celebration.
Nice job, CT Fantasia and Happy Anniversary to everyone.

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