A Void in CC?

A Void in CC?

By Babylon

The other day after the server reset, I was wandering around in the xoom locales when I entered a grey void. I was alone at the time and thought perhaps my graphics had screwed up. Easy solutions, or so I thought, so I rebooted WA. I ended up right back in the void although this time I had company.

Nan, KandyKane, Player, Guide Nyb*r, Pussywillow, and Uurrsonn were all trapped in the greyness with me. There was no way to exit. Good thing we had a guide or two along. A cry was sent out to any available Caretaker. Caretaker Robert responded and we all got a quick summons out of the void.

Since this incident, two of the three xoom locales have been closed and now have construction signs. Very interesting. I can’t wait to see what’s up. Be careful out there, the twilight zone is always lurking around the next corner.

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