A Roaming Wolf

A Roaming Wolf!

By The B Man of the Cat Clan

The new dog head (which looks also like a wolf) was put in vendos yesterday and cost 300 tokens. People were rushing for the heads but not alot of people were wearing them. I was crusing through NRW when I saw a white wolf. I watched it for a second but then for no reason it took off! I was worried about the wolf running around NRW and wreaking havoc when I noticed everywhere I went, it went too. I became curious and and un-ghosted near it and it immediately ghosted! I continued this for awhile before I finally realized it was actually my wild side finally calling me! I gave in and now I, as the white wolf, prowl NRW, meeting all and being curious. If you see him, stop and say hi! (He won’t bite I promise!)

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