By WackyFish

The Anti-Butter Campaign (ABC) was started Wednesday in an attempt to change the color of the furniture in the Delphi Lounge. There was a room-full and then some of supporters as well as some who disagreed which led to some heated debates on whether the color should be changed or remained the same. Many agreed that the furniture should be changed, though to which color, that was not completely certain. There were a good number who were partial to red or blue.

The ABC was started and supported by myself, WackyFish, followed by the employment of pbug of the IMI as Assistant Campaign Manager. Lastly, we inducted Majore Barbara as the Assistant Assistant Campaign Manager. Led by a mascot of a Fresh Fish and the slogan “Spread the word, not the butter!” we rallyed support and expressed ourselves by hopping up and down and looking rather miffed. Supporters took it upon themselves to show their dislike of the furniture by kicking it, taking sharp items out of their pockets with which to scoop away some of the butter/furniture, and some zealous supporters even went as far as to exude flatulence in the general direction of the giant butter pads (though, rest assured, we have a non-violent platform).

Yesterday, however, in further communication with John (Delphi), I was informed that there was really nothing that we could do to quicken the changing of the Delphi area. He did, however, imply that changes were going to be made, although when, he does not know.

Basically, an opinion was voiced and heard. That was the aim of the Campaign and now the authorities have been informed. The avatars have spoken. Thank you.

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