Anniversary Goodies

Anniversary Goodies

Caretaker Robert has placed a new jewelry vendo outside the door to the guide lounge in the CC turf lobby. The jewelry is there in honor of the one year anniversary of Club Connect. The vendo will remain an undisclosed amount of time past the event weekend.


Jewelry Vendo
CC Anniversary ’99 – Gold Charm Necklace 750T
CC Anniversary ’99 – Pearl Necklace 500T


Speaking of anniversary events, don’t miss the great festivities planned for this weekend, Friday through Sunday all over Club Connect. You can access the schedule here:

Anniversary Event Schedule

(Archivist’s Note: The Anniversary Event Schedule page no longer exists.)

Here is a look at the prizes you can win during this great three day event.

1st Place: The Picnic Basket
(basket comes filled with the picnic goodies shown at the bottom of the picture)
2nd Place: Bear
3rd Place: Headwrap
And of course the new fox for the Fox Hunt

Good luck everyone and have a great, fun filled weekend.

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