UFO Chat

By Guide Cuz
(News Desk Editor)

A new partner area opened today. Members of NRW can now travel into outerspace! We are glad to welcome UFO Chat to the NRW family.

Please be sure to visit their website:

UFO Chat

(Archivist’s Note: The link goes to the UFO Chat page on the Wayback Machine.)

Don’t miss the GO Events

UFO Chat GO Events Schedule

(Archivist’s Note: The event schedule page no longer exists.)

Click on the small pics below to see a larger locale pic and find out who the NRW Candid Camera caught enjoying the new UFO!

SciFi Limited Edition Turfs

How would you like to live in one of these Limited Edition SciFi Turfs?

It can happen! 25 of these high tech turfs, which were specially designed by CTs Robert and Fantasia, will be given away during the scheduled, guest speaker events. All you have to do it be present and sign up for the turf raffle. (limit one turf per person, you must be present to win)

Guest Speaker Schedule

(Archivist’s Note: The link goes to the page on the Wayback Machine.)

And of course, with any new city, there are new vendos!! Here are what is offered in UFO Chat…

Body – Metallic Blue 15T
Body – Metallic Bronze 15T
Body – Metallic Gold 15T
Body – Metallic Purple 15T
Body – Metallic Red 15T
Body – Metallic Silver 15T
Head – Metallic Bronze 15T
Head – Metallic Gold 15T
Head – Metallic Silver 15T

Anti-Gravity Chair 250T
Anti-Gravity Table 150T
Blue Light Wand 750T
Hidden Documents 40T
Alien Implant 70T
Flying Saucer 450T
Timecapsule 400T
DNA 150T
Milkyway Malt 40T

Alien* 500T
Cricket* 390T
Beholder* 500T

Mars Radar Helmet 375T
Alien Helmet 350T
Area 51 Helmet 375T
Alien Fin 375T
Space Commander’s Cap 375T
Alien Antennas 325T

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