Engraving Shop!

Engraving Shop Opens

The Engraving shop opened today! There is an outer shop, storage room, and the engraving sessions room. The vendo is in the storage room. (F10)

We also have four new engravers inworld. Our new engravers are not guides or caretaker but rather members chosen from the community. They are: Engraver Stone, Engraver Cloudburster, Engraver Eliza-Jane and Engraver Andreya.

They will be doing engraving by schedule only. The schedule can be found here:

Engraving Schedule
(Be sure to bookmark it for future reference.)

Engraving Guidelines

Engraving FAQ

(archivist’s Note: The schedule and guidelines links go to the pages on the WayBack Machine. The FAQ page no longer exists.)

Click on the below thumbnails for a full size pic and see who the NRW Candid Camera caught shopping in the engraving shop on it’s first day.!

(Archivist’s Note: The larger images no longer exist.)

Engravables Vendo
(All Items ID As Engravable)
Chest – Black/Red 500T New Vendo
Hanging Cat – Red/White 600T New Vendo
Balloon – Navy Blue 50T New Vendo
Necklace – Gold w/Pink Stone 850T New Vendo
Thick Candle – Red 45T New Vendo
Flower – White 40T New Vendo
Bottle – Blue w/Gold Label 60T New Vendo
Cake – Yellow w/White Frosting 75T New Vendo
Gift Box – White/Silver 125T New Vendo
Engraving Shop – Main Room
Flowers In Vase 90T New Vendo

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