Headline News July ’99

July ’99


07/29/99 Galactica Days Coming Soon Guide Paul
07/28/9 Engraving Shop Opened in Seattle! News Desk
KUBE, Seattle – DJ Event News Desk
Capital FM, London – DJ Event News Desk
07/27/99 Secret To Be Revealed Wednesday! News Desk
Michael & Alana United As One Guide Kyla
07/24/99 Memorial Ironfeather In A Vendo Near You News Desk
07/22/99 UFO Chat Open For Visitors News Desk
NRW/Club Connect Maps
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Commander Skipper
A Thank You From Guide IronFeather’s Family
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Guide Walela & Salina
You’re Invited To UFO Chat! Cappie
New Avaterra/WA Billing Manager Avaterra Management
New iBill Account Manager Avaterra Management
07/21/99 A Wedding! News Desk
Lucky Chest News Desk
Seattle Mystery – Update News Desk
World Famous Shrub Sculptor Raven Scissorhands
Trapped in Paradise Moon Dancer
07/20/99 Topiary Park Opened In CC News Desk
The Gray Panther’s Club Ragady Ann
Parked Way Too Long Raven’s Claw
07/19/99 UFOChat.com!! News Desk
07/17/99 Custom Kitchen Raffle Winners Caretakers Robert & Gisele
XOOM Web Contest Winner – 1st Place RJM
XOOM Web Contest Winner – 2nd Place CatWho
XOOM Web Contest Winner – 3rd Place Kellee
Summer Scorchers! News Desk
07/16/99 The NEW XOOM! News Desk
Fresh As What??! News Desk
Worlds Away eMail List Ceili
07/15/99 New Head in Detroit News Desk
XOOM GO Schedule Events Committee
New Memorial Wall Locale News Desk
07/13/99 New Building Supply Store Opens in Phoenix! News Desk
Sumi Arrives News Desk
Changes In Phoenix Caretaker Fantasia
07/12/99 XOOM Web Page Contest Events Committee
Memorial Turf For Guide IF Tigerlily & Jadi
Memory Book News Desk
07/11/99 Guide Ironfeather News Desk & All WA Staff
Michael’s Message Board Michael – WAM
07/09/99 Robert & Gisele’s Turf Painting Raffle News Desk
07/08/99 July Turf Decorating With Guide Raine Guide Raine
Seattle Event Center – Something New Coming News Desk
Streaker Seen In Promise Park Frank-808
New PHP Auditorium André
New Ice Cream Cone Flavor News Desk
07/04/99 Americans Celebrate Their Independence Raven’s Claw
July Game Prizes News Desk
New Heads and Drinks Released News Desk
Disco Daze Fashion Contest Guide Kippie
Galactica Days Guide Kippie
Blast From The Past Foxxy
07/03/99 Kid’s Club Grand Opening CRASH(2)
Raymond & Sirren of the Cat Clan Guide Hope
KJR Radio Grand Opening Event News Desk
07/02/99 KJR Radio Locales Go Live News Desk
07/01/99 Bookworm Literature Contest Bookworm Staff
Cat Clan Celebrates Edison
Greyhound Heads Released News Desk

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