You’re Invited

The Storybook Romance
Comes True

And it is our Moment to Celebrate
The love that has United Kelleee and DLR on

Sunday the 7th of February
Club Connect Turf: Our Love

Everyone is Invited to Join the Celebration

Reception to follow in same turf.
There will be games with guide prizes and a big surprise!

So don’t be square, be there
for the greatest wedding of the year 🙂

Our Love
by Çerridwen
Upon a cliff there stands a castle,
Where two hearts forever roam…
Where two people us I know…
Are giving love, so pure, so strong?
I’ve waited all my life to share,
my dreams, my hopes, desires,
and now I know I’m finally home,
home where there lays the hearth fires…
You hold me, shelter me from a world,
that at times, can seem so cold,
you whisper “I love you” to my heart,
and other secrets not to be told…
You ease my pain, you dry my tears,
you say, “Just rest, don’t worry”,
if I could only do for you
the same things just as purely…
I’ve waited all my life for you,
and now you’re finally here,
And I’ll love you, keep you and cherish you,
for the rest of all my years…

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