5 6 14 13 15 16
E 9 8 10 E
4 3 2 7 11 12


Room # Contents of Room Exit Directions
1 Outside on the Sidewalk Enter Door – L,R,D
2 Lobby L,R
3 Accessories Vendo #1 L,R
4 Expressions Vendo R,E (up)
5 Body Changing Machine R,E (down)
6 Drinks and Stuff Vendo L
7 Accessories Vendo #2 L,R,Door Up
8 Animal Heads Vendo L,R,D
9 Female Head Vendo R
10 Male Head Vendo L
11 Knick Knack Vendo #1 L,R
12 Knick Knack Vendo #2 L,E (up)
13 CC Body Sprays L,R,E(down)
14 CC Head Sprays R
15 Turf Paints – Barrington & Skyview L,R
16 Turf Paints – The Pad & Bachelor Turf L
E Escalators to the Second Floor
L=left R=right D=down U=up E=escalator up or down


Our new mini mall, named Variations, opened today. All regular CC vendos made the move into this new space. This has cleared up some prime real-estate for our great Partners to move into around the main city square.

With this move, the store by Cliff’s Underground closed, the Body Shop closed and the Essence Shops closed. Variations has taken over the door previously used by the Head Shop.

All items remain the same in the new store with a few exceptions. Some heads are missing but WILL be made available in the new cities as they open. They are not becoming rare at this time. Also, Caretaker Michael has replaced some head and body paints. The missing colors are colors used in other cities.

You can check out pics of the new shop locales by clicking on the appropriate room number above.

Good Shopping ALL!

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