Valentine Weddings

Wedding Bells


Several weddings were held on our most romantic holiday yesterday. Below are a few pictures which were sent into the newsdesk. If you have a special day, be sure to submit your own items for us to share with everyone.


from the left: silicon_sneaky (matron of honor), SHADEZ (lmao he dressed up as a girl for my wedding), Destiny (our daughter), BABE (bride), Caretaker Michael (he performed the cermony), Escape (Groom), Caleb and Jescade (our twin boys), and Guide Hope


Babe & Escape

Babe and Escape got married here in CC on aug 28th 1998 andwe have had 3 children here – lol – Escape and I have nearly known each other for 9 months we love CC so much ..its like a home away from home

They renewed their vows on 14th feb 1999 …at 6pm wat in turf .. I LOVE YOU CC. Silicon_sneaky provided dress .. : )

I hope you enjoyed our story : )

Thanking You


André da Xth submitted the next two pics of Çerridwen and Ra’s wedding. This RW couple tied the virtual knot at 8 pm WAT in the CC turf, Cupids Chapel of Love.

A special thanks to Carol (PLD) for the gate and champagne pyramid, the decorations were done by Cotton Candy and the dress and cake was created by Butterbabe.

It looks like a wonderful time was had at this party as well.


Cotton Candy and André the Xth pictured next to the cake and champagne pyramid.


Pictured from left to right are: Silicon Sneaky (bridesmaid), Lady Heat (bridesmaid), Butterbabe (maid of honor), Cerridwen (Bride), Guide Pussywillow (officiate), Ra (Groom), StormLord (Best Man) , Datkin (Groomsman) and Falcon X (Groomsman)


Barbie (PLD) & Thomas (PLD) also took the plunge into virtual matrimony in a wonderful and heartfelt ceremony.


Left to Right: Guide Kenn – best man, Thomas (PLD) – groom, Guide Kool Kat, Barbie (PLD) – bride, Tia – bridesmaid, and Guide Mara – bridesmaid.

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