NRW Poets’ Society Winners 2/10/99

NRW Poets’ Society Winners 2/10/99

by Silicon_Sneaky

1st place winner – Silicon_Sneaky

How can I love him, I must look away
Watching this vision brings forth sadness and pain.
I’ve fallen in love. A bittersweet trap
He can never be told for he can’t give it back.

Oh to be with him and gaze in his eyes,
to see my reflection within his soul rise.
To lay side by side and watch as he sleeps
and when he awakens he hears my heart speak.

How the sound of his name makes the sun rise in me
and the scent of his skin lingers long and so sweet.
Delusion I suffer, that he loves me too.
Delusions of love;

Just dreams of a fool.

2nd place winner – DaWolf

“The Fireplace”

As I sit, I stare wistfully into the fireplace and remember
Watching as the kindling is stacked so neatly
Lighting that first bright spark
Blowing ever so gently to keep the spark from dying
Fanning the smoldering ember
As the wafts of pungently sweet smoke filled the air
Hearing that first laughing crackle as the fire took hold
Smiling as the little flame peeked from the kindling
Feeding the flame with strong, aromatic woods
And old dry logs that caught quickly
Feeling the companionship of warmth and light
Building into a roaring blaze that I bask in still
The loving fire in your eyes

3rd place winner – Mz Giglz Rascal


Life is a maze

When we enter as children we run happily through it,
Not caring whether we get lost or run into walls.

As we get older we slow down.
Cautiously weighing the possibilites of each turn,
Not quite willing to take the risk of ending hopelessy lost.

At times we are sure there is no way out,
That each path is seemingly leading nowhere.

Doing nothing but getting us farther and farther…
From the entrance which we so thoughtlessly..
Let get out of our sight during childhood.

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