My WA Daddy

My WA Daddy!


by Lady In Blue


My WA Daddy

We laugh, we talk, we play,
But do you know about the way,
You make me feel inside?
I’m trying so hard to hide,
All these feelings that I can’t express,
Of how you impress,
Upon me many an ideal.
Tell me, can this be real?

Across the soil vast,
Where everyday is just as ambiguous as the last,
And living like my world is going to crash,
Into a pit of flames. You take that special moment to flash,
Me a smile when I feel so incorrigible,
And worthless. You help me to see the intangible,
Depth of my being.
Something I have not been seeing.

My spectrum range is low,
But you can see the whole rainbow,
Of my bright existence. You say good things are in my destiny,
But how can you be sure what’s in store for me?
I feel lower than dirt,
And sand. You try to heal the hurt,
Embedded in every drop of blood that flows through my heart,
From struggling to be smart,
Wonderful, beautiful, funny, and everything that is expected,
Of me from people I never respected.

You’re my shoulder to cry,
On when I am depressed and *sigh*,
Feeling hopeless. You’re one whom I can trust,
Enough to hear the things that I must,
Get off my chest. I opened up the gate,
And let you into my young, innocent heart. You say you relate,
To how I feel and reassure,
Me that all I’m feeling is part of the grand tour,
Of life. In this time when my vulnerable heart was exposed,
To you, you never harmed me, took advantage, or imposed.

My life is not an open book,
To anyone in this world, but I gave you the deepest, closest look,
Into my existence. I’ve been beating around the bush,
So please give me a moment to gush,
Out what I’ve been trying to say. I’m not good with word,
but I hope this is clear. I’m sure you would,
Know what I mean, but let me please,
Say it. I’m down on my knees,
Being ever so thankful to,
Have you for my earthbound angel,

Daddy, I love you.

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