Love Bytes Winners

Love Bytes

by Lady Allesandra(Dark Desire)

Many thanks to thr PLD team for a great Lovefest99!!! Much fun was head by all and there was some brilliant and moving poetry to be heard at 8pm WAT.

The winners of the LOVE BYTES competiton
held on St Valentines day were as follows.

First Place Shadez
Second Place Lolly Too
Third Place Queen

In the picture above you can see (left to right) Thomas(PLD), Barbie(PLD), Shadez, lolly Too, Lady Allesandra, Sierra & Queen listening to Shadez reciting his winning entry. Congratrulations Shadez and to everyone who entered. Below is Shadez’s winning entry for those of you who missed hearing it first hand.

Need blood, gotta go hunting, see ya!!! V^^^^^V


I sit and wonder everyday
of new things to do and new things to say.
I can say I love you a million times,
I can sit and write a million Rhymes.
I can send candy and flowers to your door,
I can spoil you with gifts galore.
But I know that doesnt interest you,
so what else is it I can do?

I can catch a shooting star on a string,
or some other crazy romantic thing..
We can go and walk along the beach,
always within each others reach.
I can teach you how to talk to fish,
I can teach you how to believe in a wish.
I can show you that dreams can come true,
I can show you everythings new.

Make you see things in a whole new light,
And sit and hold you throughout the night.
Whisper sweet nothings in your ear,
wipe away that mistaken tear..

Are these fantasies are can they be?
I guess Ill just have to wait and see.
Just trust me Angel and you will know,
that my love for you will always grow.
It stays with me deep in my heart,
we’ll never have to be a part..
Please remember dear Im here for you,
my love for you is but one thing, and thats true..

..the end…

Written for RME

Written, performed, and directed by shadez 🙂

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