Hopeful Hoopster

Carls Barklee has the
HOTS for Claudette.

By Guide Pussywillow

The Host of the upcoming Fantasy Hoops Event was seen on the streets tonight right after the Mystery Mind Trap game which is held every Sunday night at 7pm WAT. Carls showed up with a lovely rose and wine to ask our very own lovely and wonderful Caretaker Claudette out on a date. Poor Carls, his rose, sadly wilted by the time he caught up with her and even the wine, chosen coz a wino advised him it was the best, didn’t do the trick. Claudette turned him down flat.

Remember to Catch both Carls and Menace at this Saturdays Fantasy Hoops, either at 1pm or 7pm WAT in the city of Phoenix at turf Fantasy Hoops.

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