Fantasy Hoops?!

By Guide Pussywillow


(People in this pic are: (back row) Guide Pussywillow, Frenzy, Might Madness, Tallen (front row): Robby, Carls Barklee, Menace Rodman.)

Today out in front of the Village Apartments in Club Connect, two unusual avatars showed up playing basketball in the street. It turned out to be Menace Rodman and Carls Barklee who are here to advertise for a upcoming event called Fantasy Hoops. Between snappy patter and dribbling the ball I was able to get more information on this event.

Here is what they had to say:

Guide Pussywillow: Hi guys, now what event is this guys?
Menace Rodman: We’re here to promote da event
Menace Rodman: Fantasy Hoops
Menace Rodman: Next Saturday

Menace Rodman: Check this out: FANTASY HOOPS

Carls Barklee: Yo! correct
Carls Barklee: Well if there are any b-ball fans out there
Carls Barklee: and play our event!

Menace Rodman: It gonna be a in a turf in phoenix
Menace Rodman: and da rules will ‘splained den.
Menace Rodman: Maybe a trip to da spray shop
Menace Rodman: pass da ball fool!

Carls Barklee: he calls me a fool
Carls Barklee: and this comes from someone who wears way too much hair dye

Guide Pussywillow: now if ya can turn forward for a moment
Guide Pussywillow: I will get a pic

Carls Barklee: figures Menace would get around the chics

(Archivist’s Note: The Fantasy Hoops page no longer exists.)

Well it looks like anyone who likes basketball should check out the above URL and be there for this exciting event! Fantasy Hoops on February 13th in the city of Phoenix at Turf: Fantasy Hoops!

(People in this pic are: (back row) Guide Pussywillow, Frenzy, Menace Rodman (holding Frenzy’s hand), Midnight Madness, Tallen. (front row) Robby, Carls Barklee)