Honolulu New Locales and Vendos

Honolulu opened yesterday and avatars hit the beach. Not to mention the waves and the vendos! A new destination for the train system now allows you to reach the WorldsAway Airport from any mainland NRW city. From the airport, you may take a flight to Honolulu. They depart regularly and unlike the RW, the airfare is free. There is a map to help you navigate around Honolulu once you get there. It can be accessed by following this URL:

Simple & Fast Honolulu Map
KarmatoonVersion by Snoop Doggie Doug

(Archivist’s Note: I do not have either of these maps.)

As you exit the airplane into the balmy breezes of Hawaii, a scantily clad young hula girl offers you a wonderful lei. (3t) Don’t be surpised if she doesn’t say much, she is either shy or speaks only Hawaiian, possibly both.

There are wonderful new locales to explore in Honolulu.

Sure to be favorite chat place, the Beach View Terrace, shown above, has two wonderful drinks to quench your thirst. (Vendos are the drinks placed on the tables.)

Kapono Wine 20 T
Awa 30 T

Here we have one of three reef locales. Check it out girls! A buffed out native man just for our viewing pleasure. I have heard rumors of other semi naked men running around too.

Two new vendos opened in the shops off of the beach.

Furnishing (HNL)

Flushed Fuzzie 300 T
Kaleidoscope Bear 400 T
Maui Sack 125 T
Alaloa Doll 325 T
Cane Chair Pink 375 T
Cane Chair Yellow & Green 375 T

Gift Shop (Hnl)

  Glenn 380 T
  Parrot Head 400 T
  Meiko 230 T
  Carmen 360 T
  Melon Wrap 250 T
  Fruit Wra 200 T
  Lei Hat 225 T
  Orchid 275 T
  Wig 290 T

In addition to all of these great things, more is yet to come.The Turf huts are set to open on Wednesday and the Honolulu radio station, KXME, locales will open on Friday.


The Honolulu Grand Opening events are scheduled to take placethis coming Saturday. For more information on the event schedule, click this link:

Honolulu Grand Opening Events

(Archivist’s Note: The event page no longer exists.)


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