Haoli Spotted On Honolulu Beach

Haoli Seen on Honolulu Beach

by Lady Allesandra (Dark Desire)

left to right – Caretaker Robert, Guide kenn, Caretaker Gisele, Caretaker Claudette, Cool Dude, Dark Karma, DeeJ

Wandering through the lush scenery of Honululu, I was amazed to see a semi naked man on the beach. He soon rushed into the water and was last seen swinmming away.

He answered to the name of Cool Dude(Tourist) and one cannot help but wonder if it was Caretaker Michael in disguise.

Would we be so lucky girls? Hehe

Things are looking up in NRW if we are going to be able to swim too!!

** Haoli means white person or tourist/non-native in Hawaiian

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