Beach Boys

What a wiggle! Youch! And those muscles..!

The beach was populated today by loin clothed young men (CoolDude (tourist) on the left and Diving Instructor on the right) and their female fans.

When they weren’t making the women drool all over the sand, they had a chance to go diving. In one of the underwater locales they discovered an old ancient safe

Rumor has it that these two hunks are hatching salvage plans for the safe. It is hard not to speculate about the safe. Where did it come from, how long has it been on the ocean floor, what treasures does it contain…Stay tuned to the news, we will keep you updated as this situation unfolds.

Hut Turfs are scheduled to open today, Wednesday. (no time scheduled as yet) And don’t forget the Grand Opening Events planned for Saturday. Here is a sneak peak of the Grand Opening Prizes for Honolulu.

Honolulu Grand Opening Events Schedule

(Archivist’s Note: The event schedule no longer exists)

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