Ancient Safe Drama

"Ancient Safe" Drama

This is an edited transcript of the ANCIENT SAFE DRAMA played out on Friday evening as a kick off to the "Guess the contents of the Safe Contest." All comments other than the ones from the principal actors have been edited out to allow a smoother read of the story

Cool Dude (Tourist): "Like time to work on that safe dudes"
Diving Instructor: "Work?"
Diving Instructor: "I was starting to enjoy myself"
Diving Instructor: "Ok let’s crack this safe fast"
[Entering Locale: Ocean (Hnl)]
[You have entered as a ghost; avatars are not allowed in this locale.]

Kakana: “You have combo?”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “one number left”
Kakana: “blow torch”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “almost have it cracked”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “These way cools ESP’ers helped us out alot last time”
Diving Instructor: “We have to figure out the last number to the comboon this safe”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “hmmmm”
Kakana: “got it yet”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “What numbers did we have?”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Anyone remember up there?”
Diving Instructor: “I didn’t write them down, thought you did”
Diving Instructor: “Don’t tell me we have to start all over”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “I know them but I want to see how many paid attention”
Kakana: “3661543?”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Well all but the last number yes”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “366154”
Kakana: “ghost says 3”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “ok her guess is 3”
Kakana: “36615429”
Kakana: “says ghost”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “hmmm no clicks for 3”
Kakana: “ghost says 7”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “I think 9 is it shhhh”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Nope not 9”
Kakana: “8 says ghost”
Diving Instructor: “try 7”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “bummer no 8”
Kakana: “ghost says 9”
Kakana: “but no nine”
Kakana: “ghost says 5”
Diving Instructor: “Clio says try 2”
Kakana: “several ghosts say 1”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “nothing for 5 or 2”
Kakana: “Ok ghost”
Kakana: “you only have to send it one time”
Kakana: “ghosts say )”
Kakana: “0”
Diving Instructor: “Putting the Past behind you sounds like fun”
[Old Ancient Safe is unlocked.]
Cool Dude (Tourist): “3661541 was it”
Kakana: “wtg go ghosts!!!!”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Well hey can’t see inside”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “You guys see anything?”
Kakana: “dark hole”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Someone light a match”
Kakana: “underwater”
Kakana: “lol”
Kakana: “wont work dude”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “bummer man”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Some say we need a torch”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “ahhh!”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Guide Hope says bring it up to the beach”

Cool Dude (Tourist): “Think I could pick it up?”
Kakana: “Dude do you think it would be easy to lock it”
Kakana: “and then pick it up”
Diving Instructor: “This thing is heavy”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Would be hard to close with the pressure down here”
Kakana: “we have strong big muscles”
Kakana: “we close together”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “That may work”
Diving Instructor: “Kakana you had to mention muscles”
Diving Instructor: “you have all the women worked up again”
Diving Instructor: “Kakana you had to mention muscles”
Diving Instructor: “you have all the women worked up again”
Kakana: “Naniloa Wahine”
Kakana: “they are most beatiful women!”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “ok dudes lets close this bad boy up”
Kakana: “ah”
Kakana: “and I hear Akamai”
Kakana: “smart”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “oh no way”
Kakana: “do we have to right this second”
Kakana: “Im getting some nice ESPs”
Kakana: “lovely flowers”
Kakana: “in the sky”
Diving Instructor: “yeah what’s the rush dude?”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “You know we might ummm…..”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “almost blew it”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “You know if he….”
Kakana: “Oh”
Kakana: “I have a southern woman”
Kakana: “who wants to drag me up by my hair”
Diving Instructor: “just one?”
Kakana: “she must have seen my ponytail”
Kakana: “such roses from heaven”
Kakana: “whisper in my ear”
Diving Instructor: “I’m almost afraid to take this on the beach”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Hey man if he comes we are like in trouble dudes”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Close that thing up”
Diving Instructor: “you are right we better get it closed”
Diving Instructor: “Kakana help”
Kakana: “Ok”
Kakana: “diver”
Kakana: “come”
Kakana: “help us”
Kakana: “cool”
Diving Instructor: “On 3 push”
Kakana: “get over here numbskull”
Diving Instructor: “1”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “man if that dudes catches us”
Diving Instructor: “2”
Diving Instructor: “3”
Kakana: “
Diving Instructor: “it’s stuck”
Kakana: “Well if Cool boy would come help”
Kakana: “we can’t do it alone!”
Diving Instructor: “He’s useless, come on we can do it”
Diving Instructor: “One more try”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Hey man I cracked it”
Diving Instructor: “ready, push”
Kakana: “redie”
Cool Dude (Tourist): (With some help from the eye people)
Kakana: “you are a tourist”
Kakana: “in my land we help”
Kakana: “those who dont help”
Kakana: “get no lovely women”
Diving Instructor: “I hope we aren’t seen with this safe”
Kakana: “who are we afraid of”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “dont say the dudes name”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “He hears all”
Kakana: “lets go dudes”
Diving Instructor: “ok”
Kakana: “lets take this to the beach”

[Entering Locale: Ocean (Hnl)]
[Entering Locale: Honolulu Beach]
Diving Instructor: “Cool Dude probaby ran off with it”
Kakana: “to many island people”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “hmmmm”
Kakana: “it is not safe”
Diving Instructor: “What’s wrong Dude?”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “If I put it down you dudes will grab it”
Kakana: “why so many island people”
Kakana: “how did they all get down”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “I’m not giving those two nothing”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “This is safe is mine”
Diving Instructor: “Wait we had an agreement!”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Yeah right island boy”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Try again”
Kakana: “What???”
Kakana: “we did all the pushing”
Kakana: “and you take the treasure”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Yeah you did ”
Cool Dude (Tourist): (Sucker )
Diving Instructor: “This guy is trying to steal our treasures”
Diving Instructor: “Someone page a guide!”
Kakana: “why do we need to”
Kakana: “they are here”
Diving Instructor: “Well do something, don’t just stand there”
Caretaker Claudette: “Did someone call a Caretaker?”
Kakana: “Yes”
Caretaker Claudette: “I got a frantic call that there was a theft in progress.”
Kakana: “these guides are not helping”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “No way man”
Caretaker Claudette: “Would someone mind telling me what is going on here please?”
Kakana: “we want our treasure back”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “This safe is mine”
Diving Instructor: “We had an agreement”
Kakana: “he stole it from Diver and I”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Did you get it in writing?”
Diving Instructor: “ummm no”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “bad move”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “I win”
Caretaker Claudette: “I see.”
Caretaker Claudette: “You 3 are our guests here.”
Kakana: “Hele aku!”
Caretaker Claudette: “Therefore you have to adhere to the rules.”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “I came for the safe”
Caretaker Claudette: “Stealing is not tolerated in most cases here.”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Hey man it was salvage”
Caretaker Claudette: “So do you want your reps to be a band of thieves from now on?”
Kakana: “Hele aku!”
Diving Instructor: “I didn’t steal it, Cool Dude did”
Caretaker Claudette: “Excuse me but the persons who esp’d said you made some sort of deal.”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Hey man we were together on this”
Caretaker Claudette: “Wow what a great idea!”
Kakana: “It is in your palms”
Caretaker Claudette: “Togetherness!”
Diving Instructor: “you are holding the goods”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “I was stopping you from stealing”
Kakana: “He asked us to help him”
Caretaker Claudette: “I suggest you 3 give me the safe.”
Caretaker Claudette: “Did I stutter?”
Caretaker Claudette: “Ok let me repeat myself.”
Kakana: (Claudy he is a Hu*põ!)
Caretaker Claudette: “Please give me the safe.”
Diving Instructor: “Dude you better listen to the lady”
[Safe appears in the sand ON Cool Dude’s feet]
Caretaker Claudette: “You made a good choice.”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “She yanked it from my shorts!”
Caretaker Claudette: “A ghostie suggested that.”
Caretaker Claudette: “As punishment ”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “That hurt lady”
Caretaker Claudette: “Well I have an idea…”
Caretaker Claudette: “since we are in this together like these would be thieves were..”
Caretaker Claudette: “I think it would be nice to have our citizens guess what’s in the safe.”
Caretaker Claudette: “And win some prizes. Turning a bad situation in to a good one.”
Caretaker Claudette: “What do you think ghosties?”
Caretaker Claudette: “Would you like a chance to guess what is in side?”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Yeah and I will be more then happy to drop clues!!”
Caretaker Claudette: “Wow over whelming response!”
Diving Instructor: (Ladies maybe we can work something out, remember I saw what was inside)

Caretaker Claudette: “Ok, let me see what I can get out of my webpage bag of tricks. ”
Caretaker Claudette: “Click on the URL of the safe ”
Caretaker Claudette: “It looks like a ghostie will get their wish…”
Caretaker Claudette: “I’ll have to think of some evil clues.”
Caretaker Claudette: “Cool dude told me what was inside in my esp conference with him…”
Caretaker Claudette: “when he wasn’t looking…”
Caretaker Claudette: “and I well got the safe from him while he rambled in my esp.”
Caretaker Claudette: “claiming to be unguilty ”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Well you put your hand in my shorts so way cool babe”
Caretaker Claudette: “My bag of tricks you know ”
Caretaker Claudette: “What do you think ghosts?”
Caretaker Claudette: “want to participate?”
Caretaker Claudette: “great, so dudes see how nice things can be if you add a little togetherness?”
Caretaker Claudette: “now everyone can make it a fun thing to do.”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “umm yeah now give me something for getting the safe”
Diving Instructor: “I like togetherness ”
Caretaker Claudette: “Stealing just doesn’t cut it these days.”
Caretaker Claudette: “Um you get our thank you…”
Caretaker Claudette: “for bringing up the safe ”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Crime does not pay ”
Caretaker Claudette: “I’ll go and think of some clues… and update the web page.”
Caretaker Claudette: “12 clues in all over the next week hehe ”
Caretaker Claudette: “Seems to be 12 objects inside according to this would be thief ”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “Yeah get a clue and give me back the safe”
Caretaker Claudette: “I think what you would really like from us all is a Club-by-Four.”
Caretaker Claudette: “So quit while your’re a head.”
Caretaker Claudette: “Clue-By-Four”
Caretaker Claudette: “Top 3 winners who guess the contents.”
Caretaker Claudette: “based on the 12 nice little clues…they are not evil at all ”
Caretaker Claudette: “The form will appear after all clues are given.”
Caretaker Claudette: “We will tell you what’s inside, yes.”
Caretaker Claudette: “But not until you wrack your brain a little.”
Caretaker Claudette: “You just have to guess what the clue is trying to reveal to you.”
Caretaker Claudette: “Some items are in world. You’ll see when you get the clues ”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “I’ll try to leave some clues around when ummm the fruit lady is not here”
Caretaker Claudette: “You have to GUESS ”
Caretaker Claudette: “You will get 1 or 2 clues per day. different times.”
Caretaker Claudette: “depending how I feel you know ”
Caretaker Claudette: “I hope I’m in a good mood this week don’t you?”
Cool Dude (Tourist): “That means never”
Caretaker Claudette: “Hold on while I give you your first 2 clues…”
Caretaker Claudette: “If you read the page it says the submission form will appear…”
Caretaker Claudette: “*after* all clues are given.”
Caretaker Claudette: “the form will allow you to send in your guesses.”
Caretaker Claudette: “The arrive to me via e-mail.”
Caretaker Claudette: “The form will be there for 24 hours…”
Caretaker Claudette: “From 1:00 p.m. wat Saturday, March 6…”
Caretaker Claudette: “until 1:00 p.m. Sunday March 7.”
Caretaker Claudette: “Or sooner depending on how the clues are given.”
Caretaker Claudette: “That’s why you should hope I’m in a good mood next week ”
Caretaker Claudette: “The top 3 people who send in the closest guesses win.”
Caretaker Claudette: “You do not need to be present to win of course…”
Caretaker Claudette: “and you will be notified via e-mail and esp mail if you have won.”
Caretaker Claudette: “You must use a valid avatar name and e-mail address if you want to be notified.”
Caretaker Claudette: “I don’t hear any guessing going on ”
Caretaker Claudette: “I see gueses coming to my esp…”
Caretaker Claudette: “all of them are.”
Caretaker Claudette: “WRONG!!!”
Caretaker Claudette: “muhahahahaha!!! ”
Caretaker Claudette: “See why I gave you a week? ”
Caretaker Claudette: “More WRONG guesses
Caretaker Claudette: “Keep an open mind in guessing. could be a RW item. something common in the RW too.”
Caretaker Claudette: “Ah more WRONG guesses. hehe this will be fun!”
Caretaker Claudette: “12 clues to 12 objects inside.”
Caretaker Claudette: “Just use the brains you have rolling around your head ghostie ”
Caretaker Claudette: “I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong, you’ll just have to guess ”
Caretaker Claudette: “Not all objects have to do with Hawaii”
Caretaker Claudette: “Yes you will get to see them after the contest”
Caretaker Claudette: “and we have our lucky and very smart winners”
Caretaker Claudette: “12 items… you get 12 clues.”
Caretaker Claudette: “All clues will remain on the page as they are given.”
Caretaker Claudette: “So yes you can go back if you need to.”
Caretaker Claudette: “Even I am not that evil ”
Caretaker Claudette: “Well is everyone exicited?”
Caretaker Claudette: “2 more clues tomorrow…”

Ok, there was the drama as it unfolded.
Be sure to check the safe website daily for your new clues.

Ancient Safe Contest Website

Archivist’s Note: The Ancient Safe Contest website no longer exists

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