Honolulu Huts

Honolulu Huts

The Huts opened yesterday and what a nice surprise they were too!

We have the seemingly mandatory plans 1-4 which appear in every city plus plans 5 and 6 which include grass huts and private beaches!

You can check out a preview here:

Honolulu Turfs- Previews

(Archivist’s Note: The original link to these previews no longer exists. I *may* have some turf previews in my files somewhere. If I do, I’ll add them here)

An extremely nice feature of our new huts is that EVERY single item is paintable right down to the beads on the door curtains and the sky over the beach. To assist the decorators, new turf paints were added to the Honolulu paint shop. They are amazingly well done and create breathtaking day, sunset and night views over our oceans.

A new floral chair was also added to the furnishings vendo to get us all in the tropical mood.

Floral Chair – red 365T

All in all, Honolulu just seems to be getting better and better.But then again, what else should we expect from paradise?

Mahalo to the artists and caretakers for a job well done.

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