Vendo Items Jan 99


By Cerridwen & SexyWarrior

The Following Items are new:
In the Silicon Valley Hotel Turf Furnishing Vendo
Red Cow Chair – 250 T ea.
Red Cow Sofa (left & right) – 275 T ea.
Pink End Table – 210 T ea.
Items now rare:
Grey Cow Chairs and Sofa Pieces
Wood Colored End Tables

Special note: NRWNews would like to welcome Cerridwen & SexyWarrior on board as our vendo reporters. They will do their best to keep us up to date on each and every vendo change and addition hopefully very shortly after those changes are made. It is a huge job and we appreciate their tackling the task. If you notice something in a vendo which hasn’t yet been reported in the paper, please tip them off with a quick esp!

Cerridwen & Sexy Warrior

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