Silicon Valley Hotel Auditorium Opens


People began to line up in front of the door shortly before the announced opening time of 6pm WAT. At one point there were over 80 ghosts hovering up in the corner. Shortly after the scheduled time, Caretakers Michael and Gisele came down, filled in for the mysteriously missing Caretaker Robert and opened the door to the curious.

(It was later learned that Caretaker Robert had a family emergency
or he would have been present in person as well as in spirit.)

And through the door they streamed to find the much requested
Silicon Valley Auditorium!

Many were quick to try out the coziness of the seat cushions and to take the opportunity to chat. Some people were disappointed that there were no vendos and that this was "just another auditorium." However, most were pleased that we now have a place to gather in larger numbers in the hotel. Many people had asked for a locale to have larger group chats, meetings and of course games. Speaking of games, Cherry Pie has decided to try hosting her hotel bingo game in the new locale starting Wednesday night. (13th) I suspect that the addition of seats to sit on and room for even more people to unghost, will add a new fun element to her games. I am sure many more hosts will follow her lead and that this locale will be a wonderful, welcome addition to the hotel.

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