Planting a Garden


By Butterbabe

Pictured on Bench Above: MonaLisa & Trey

While floating through the park, I came across the most beautiful garden! I unghosted and spoke with MonaLisa. She told me she had planted it and it was her third planting due to people taking them. She did manage to slide away earlier and play trivia and another game was also hosted in the locale but when she got back it was still there. Using scarecrow tactics, she managed to guard her flowers for over 6 hours!! (she has two avies 🙂 She did tell me some friends helped in sowing the seeds and that she couldnt have done it without them!!

Planters were: Jenipoo – Kelleee – Kalona – and Stardust
(She hopes she didn’t forget anyone 🙂 )

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