Phoenix Opens

Opens to Rave Reviews!

Phoenix opened yesterday to wonderful comments from everyone. The desert park locales seem to be a huge hit. One even has sound effects. There were that several ratavas that had problems with their RW cats when they wondered into this locale and bird noise popped out of their computers but no injuries were reported.

A map to all the locales can be found here:
Phoenix Map -Click Here

(Archivist’s Note: Unfortunately I do not have the Phoenix map created
by Commander Skipper, so there is nothing to link to 🙁 )

Two vendos were in locales that opened.
Here is a listing and pics of what they held.

Phoenix Train Platform Vendo
Wild Wild West Fuzzie 300T
Voodoo Shadow 100T
Rose Tumble Lava 150T
Purple Glory Sack 125T
A Lavish Bear 400T
Fashionable Frankie 325T
SW Essence (phx) Vendo
Bandana (purple) 175T
Thomas 350T
Scarlette 495T
Purple Top Hat 200T
Marvin 390T
Feather 200T
Blaze 500T
Becky 500T
Cowgirl Hat 200T
Cozy Coyote Bar Vendo
Rattlesnake Bite 50T
Cactus Cooler 80T

Three more locale areas are due to open today. We will update this list if and when more vendos appear. Until then, enjoy yourself in your new city!

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