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Desert Blooms
Store Opens

Friday, almost on schedule, the new Phoenix locales opened. The sign first said noonish, then it changed to soonish and finally, the right people showed up and the door was opened.

The locales are named Desert Blooms. There are two rooms with water, landscaping and vendos and the other room has a fun swing and another small pool. The swing is very popular and it was difficultto find a time when no one was there to take the pic below and in fact, I finally asked nicely for people to ghost for me for a sec. They were gracious and happy to do that for me. (TY to them) Like all the other Phoenix locales, these are just fantabulous!

Don’t forget to click on the small pics of thelocales here to see what’s underneath.

(Archivist’s note: In the original article there was a link to Commmander Skipper’s map of the original Phoenix locales here. Unfortunately I don’t have this map. If anyone has it, I would love to get a copy to make the article complete.)

Two vendos were in locales that opened today.
Here is a listing and pics of what they hold.

1st Desert Blooms Room Vendo
Southwest Broadloom 500T
 Southwest Armchair 400T
  Southwest Stool 350T
 Southwest Hanging 159T
 Oil Burning Lamp 250T

3rd Desert Blooms Room Vendo
  <— Cactus  Your choice 90T each —> 
 Phoenix Floweret 75T
 Dwarf Flowering Cacti 400T
  Cornerstone 125T
  Cactus Barrel 225T

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