NRW’s Bible Study

 NRW’s Bible Study 



Today marked the beginning of NRW’s Bible Study. The Bible Study was held in Club Connect turf, “NewSong.” The study was lead by Dusty-Britches.

This will be a regular meeting each Monday and all avatars are invited to attend. It will begin at 8:30am WAT and last approximately one hour. It is a wonderful time for Christian fellowship and learning about our Lord.

Today’s message came from Genesis 45:25-28 and was titled, “The Dreamer has Come Home.” The message lead us to examine our goals/dreams and to be sure they were God-centered and not self-centered.

There were eight in attendance, who throughly enjoyed the study. We encourage you to be there next Monday to once again be enlightened and encouraged by God’s word.

There will also be another Bible Study on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm WAT, for those who are not able to attend the Monday morning studies. The study will be held in the turf, “NewSong” also.

Come and experience God’s word and the fellowshipof like-minded people. You will receive an uplifting experience.

Thank you,
Guide Hope

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