Welcome to WorldsAway Bingo. If you have found this page, chances are you’re interested in playing bingo to earn some extra tokens, win some kewl prizes and of course meet other bingo addicts. Following
this short intro are step by step instructions designed to get you set up and playing in your first game.
Please read them carefully.

First thing to do is download one of the various bingo card programs.

Kenn’s Bingo Card (PC)

CtrAltDel’s Bingo Card (PC)

Indy’s Bingo Card (PC)

CAD’s Bingo Card 98 (PC)

Proph’s Bingo Card (MAC)

Proph’s Bingo Bullet (MAC)

(Archivist’s Note: The links to the cards have been removed)

The next step is to find a game. This is a link to the NRW Event Schedule. Listed will be all guide sponsored games, including the bingo games, which happen in NRW on a regular, weekly schedule. You may occasionally find impromptu games and you are free to play those games as well.

(Archivist’s Note: The link to the schedule has been removed)

First you will need to split your tokens into the appropriate amount to cover your bet. To split tokens, take them out of your pocket, click on them and choose split. A box will open, type in the amount you wish to bet and hit enter. This will leave the amount of your bet in your hand.

(You can make sure you split correctly by clicking on
the tokens in your hand again and checking the amount.)

Usual Betting Amounts

120 One Full Card
240 Two Full Cards
360 Three Full Cards
480 Four Full Cards
70 One Half Card
140 Two Half Cards
210 Three Half Cards
280 Four Half Cards

Full Cards pay 100% of the pot and/or 100% of the jackpot to the winner.
Half Cards pay 50% of the pot and/or 100% of the jackpot to the winner.

After you have split your tokens, wait until the host’s hands are empty and then click on him/her and choose give to. Wait until they acknowledge your bet and then please ghost so other players may unghost and place their bets.

(A note here about ghosting: Some hosts do not require ghosting if the game has only a few players or if the locale holds a large number of people. If the locale is full and there are ghosts, please be considerate and ghost to allow them down to bet. Some hosts require all people to ghost when asked or until they call for registrations. A host’s rules must be followed and you may be disqualified from playing if you do not comply.)

Placing of bets may take some amount of time. Please be patient as the host deals with all the bets. Realize also that their screen scrolls very quickly and they may not catch an esp you send. If at all possible, ask a friend or another bystander for help. People who have been playing awhile are always glad to help. Of course, for general help on bingo, paging a guide to ask a question will also work.


Sometime during the taking of bets, the host will ask all players to register their cards. You need to double click your downloaded Bingo-Card-File to open the card. Press the Register button. The name of the host will, in most cases, appear automatically on your card and send the registration to the host-program. If it doesn’t appear automatically, please type the Host’s Name manually into the Host-Box of your Bingo Card and then hit the register button again.

Most hosts will read a list of registered cards sometime before the game starts (some hosts choose not to do this if there is a huge list) Check this list carefully and make sure your name appears. If you are sure you registered your card, but you don’t see your name on the list, ESP the host and ask.

Also, most hosts will let you know if you register a card but have not placed your bet or if you have placed your bet but they have not received your registration.


After the host has received all bets and registrations, they will close betting and proceed to tell you the bingo pattern required to win.

There are many different games played regularly.
Here are just a few samples.

This card is One Line. One line may be any one line. This card is Two Lines. Two lines may be any two lines. This is Three Lines. Three lines may be any three lines.
This is the Asterisk bingo. This is the Bow Tie bingo. This pattern is the Starburst.
And is Picture Frame. This one is called GIN. This is the usual pattern needed to win JACKPOT!

Some patterns have the word CRAZY in the name. This means that the given pattern can be in any direction. (right side up, upside down or sideways.) Games with “The HARD Way” in the name means you may not use the free spot in your winning pattern.

The host WILL tell you which game is next as well as give a description of the pattern needed to win before they start calling numbers. Most will also repeat this information at various times throughout the number calling.

When the host starts calling numbers,
click on your AUTO button to mark your card’s numbers.



What is the Jackpot? Well, when the host takes your bets, a portion of each bet goes into a Jackpot. If the bet is 120 Tokens, then 20T of that bet goes into a Jackpot. The Jackpot is won by getting the 8 numbers in the middle of your card. (See example above.) Jackpot can only be won BEFORE someone has won bingo. So if you cover these 8 spots, before someone has won bingo,

(The Jackpot will not be won in every game, sometimes no-one covers those 8 spots before bingo is called. When this happens the Jackpot is carried forward to the next game, for this reason the Jackpot can build up to quite a large amount of Tokens.)


If you get the current game pattern on your card,

The first person who calls BINGO will win the game.

If more than one person calls either jackpot or bingo at the same time, then the first caller wins. The host program detects who called first, so if you don’t win, don’t blame the host 🙂

If you are the winner and are a ghost, someone will let you down to collect your winnings.

(Etiquette note: Some people who win the Jackpot or the Bingo make a donation from the winnings towards the next jackpot. This is not required however all donations are welcomed and appreciated. You may also make jackpot or regular pot donations anytime your heart feels generous and thank you very much in advance. 🙂 )


Many hosts offer free games where the winnings are prizes and not tokens. When a free game is announced, you do not need to place a bet. Register ONE card only. Jackpot may or may not be active for free games. The rest of the game plays as usual.


You have made it to the end of this bingo course and are now ready to join us in Bingo Addiction. I hope you have found this page helpful and enjoy your bingo experience. We will all be glad to help you, we were all new to this once too. So come on along and play today.

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