Destination Phoenix

All Aboard!

Destination – PHOENIX!

You read it correctly. The new city of Phoenix will open it’s doors to much fan fare this week. Thursday, Jan. 28th to be exact.

Opening events are scheduled for this coming Saturday.
You can find the schedule of events at this link:
Phoenix Grand Opening Events

Phoenix will sport purple colors and has none other than our purple caretaker herself, Fantasia for it’s advocate. She has worked very hard to open this city for you. Different locales will be opening on a staggered schedule as was done in Detroit. If all goes as planned, the Phoenix furnished turfs will be available in time for the Opening Events on Saturday.

The radio station sponsoring Phoenix is KPTY
Their homepage is: Party Radio@ 103.9
The Direct Link to Real Audio is: 103.9 via Real Audio

They are expected to begin their Worlds Away promotion either Wednesday or Thursday. According to Fantasia, we are expecting a large number of new users from the Phoenix area. Hopefully well into the hundreds. Let’s all do our best to help out the potential new members of our community and make them feel welcome!

(Archivist’s Note: I don’t have the event page, and the KPTY links led to pages that no longer exist)

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