Delphi Turfs

Delphi Turfs

Turfs in Delphi are owned and operated by Delphi staff only. As turf rentals will not be available to other members of NRW or to Delphi trial members, we wanted to give you a quick peek at the basic turf plan the staff members can rent to hold the Delphi chats.

If you were to venture through the private red door in the room with the vendo, you would arrive at the Delphi turf manager’s office. He has only one plan available for rent and it costs 2t.

Once a staff member has rented this turf, they receive the furnished turf shown above. They are free to decorate those rooms however they please but the auditorium set up in the third room is all glued in place.

After the turf has been rented and is deemed ready, it can be added to the elevator listing and will then be available to everyone when the staff member is “at home.” Several turfs already appear on your elevator list if you click on the elevator door.

These turfs are meant to be used in the Delphi forum style, not as private residences. I foresee many interesting chatrooms to come.

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