Delphi Opens

Delphi Opens to NRW Members

Late yesterday, Delphi opened it’s doors to NRW members.

The suite contains six rooms that are open to everyone (you can click the pics below for a full size version) plus Delphi turfs.


Several turfs will appear on your elevator list if you click on the elevator door. These turfs are owned by the Delphi Staff and will be open when the staff is inworld. Turf rentals will not be available to other members.

The Verigo head makes it’s reappearance in the Delphi vendo as well as a James head, a scarlet sack, cat ears, a gray tophat and several paints.

Delphi members are being offered a free trial to come inworld. They are born in the Delphi hatchery (shown below) and come in with a Kimi (named just Head) and 1000t. They have free access to all of the Delphi suite and the Staff owned turfs (when they are open) but if they try to exit the Delphi area, they get a message encouraging them to sign up for a full membership. Until they do, they are restricted to the suite. (click the pic below to read the message they receive.)

The ability for new Delphi members to interact with regular members, for them to try the vending machine including the paints and accessories, to read our newspaper, and to explore several turfs will hopefully entice them into joining our community.

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