Commerce City Opens

Commerce City Opens Their Doors

Commerce City opened today and saw much activity as members came to explore the new locales. The city has, at present, ten locales including a hatchery. (The small pics above show the layout and you may click on them to view a full size picture. )

There are two vendos currently in the city, one for accessories & knick knacks and one for heads. The accessory & knick knack vendo has a peach colored Commerce City Top Hat, a blue Commerce City Sack, a Champagne Bottle, a Black Fedora and a pair of black Shades.The head vendo sports Lisa*, Peter*, Kit*, Max*, Jack*, Jacque*, Sarah*, and Rebecca*.

The Commerce City Web Site has a very easy to find link to NRW and is offering a free trial subscription. Members who sign up through the Commerce City page will be born in the Commerce City hatchery with the usual 1000 tokens. They are being given a sample of WorldsAway however and may not leave their part of the city unless they upgrade their trial subscription to one which requires a credit card. When they try to leave Commerce City they will receive a system message telling them how to upgrade their account.

In addition to the locales opening today, we also saw the first major presentation of the new animated advertising objects. There are several blimps floating about, some have even floated out into the other cities. There is also an animated car and a flower pot that gives free flowers. Keep your eyes open for more of this type of object in the near future.

Many new banners also decorate the walls of Commerce City. Take a moment to check some of the attached web sites out.

All in all, it was a fun day. Kudos to our world builders and a great welcome to the Commerce City partner.

(Archivist’s Note: The Commerce City website no longer exists)

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