Comedy Night Winners

Comedy Night

By Tony S.

Friday night’s Comedy Contest started at 6:30pm WAT and and lasted about an hour and a half. It was held at Cliff’s Underground. About 25 people attended this week’s event. The mood was fun and relaxing and everyone seemed to have a few good laughs. The Friday night Comedy Contest is a regular event. Come join in the fun next week if you can.

The Winners This Week Were:

First Place- QT! who won 1000 Tokens.

Second Place- DeeZee who won 500 Tokens

Third Place- CKster who won 250 Tokens

Door Prize Winners:

Dark Karma & Dreamangel

This Week’s Winning Joke:

A boy pulls up to a intersection on his brand new bike. While waiting for the light to change a policeman on a horse trots up next to him. The police man looks down at the boy with a great big smile and says "Did Santa bring you that bike young man?" The boy looks up and smiles and replies, "He sure did". Then the policeman says to the boy, "Next year tell Santa you want one with a tail light on the back" and then writes the boy a bicycle safety ticket for $20..The boy takes the ticket and says to the Policeman, "did Santa bring you that horse?"..The Policeman looks down and tries to humor the boy and says, "Yes he did"…then the boy says,
"Well next year tell Santa you want one with the Prick On the Bottom Not On The Top!!!!"

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